Go Play NW 2008! Success!

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Go Play NW 2008 was May 30-June 1. It was a staggering success. I'll write a post about it once I come down from the high. For now, enjoy these links, mostly APs from the event:

GPNW 2008: It's Over! (wrap up thread)

GPNW 2008 Photo Thread

[D&D 4e] Seekers of the Sun Stone (my first time running D&D)

[TMW] Heart of Darkness (best session of my life)

[Anima Prime] Steam-Mercs on Mars!

Zero to REIGN in 240 Minutes

Montsegur 1244: The Best Siege Ever

Geiger Counter: The Protocol

Geiger Counter: Long May You Run

Mythender: The Dragon at the End of the Earth

Perfect: Rhythm of the Abyss

In the Village (DitV/Prisoner)

XXXXtreme Street Luge

DRYH: Last Game of GPNW


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And you wonder why I want to come back to Seattle.

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