Winter's Reach

Sunday, June 29, 2008

I haven't done a gaming-related desktop in a while, but D&D4 inspired me. Here's an image of the home-base for our D&D4 campaign, the island city of Winter's Reach. The Reach is home to the physical incarnation of the Raven Queen, goddess of Fate and Death (and Winter, naturally) -- who also happens to be the employer of our PC mercenary company.

Image sizes: [1900x1200] :: [1280x1024] :: [1024x768]

(I got the image of the right-hand airship from a photo of someone's tattoo. How cool is that?)



Blogger John Powell says:  

Holy crap! with a moon that size/close what does it look like at LOW tide? Should be a few adventure hooks in there someplace...

Blogger Unknown says:  

Nice! I'd love to find out how you did some of that.

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