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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Several of these have cropped up lately, so I'm making a little catalog. Let me know if I've missed anything or when new stuff comes out, and I'll edit this post to keep the list current.

Geiger Counter by Jonathan Walton. Make your own survival horror flick! Also by Jon: Mare Caspium. Fairy tales in the time of the Khazars.

Vanguard: Shrine of the Aegis by Matt Wilson. Space adventure in the style of BSG and Firefly.

Lunar Notes (Page 1, Page 2) by Marshall Burns. Magical musicians hunt spirits using the power of their instruments.

War Inc! and Shadow & Ash by Kaare Berg. Cyberpunkish corporate warfare and spirits lost in the dreamlands, respectively.

Codename Eliezer by Sage LaTorra. Crash survivors on a mysterious island.

Red Box Hack by Eric Provost. Fantasy adventure in the old-skool spirit.

And my games: GHOST/ECHO, Lady Blackbird, and The Mustang.


Blogger Zac in VA says:  

Thank you for doing GHOST/ECHO. I, too, was so inspired by Otherkind that I made a game based around its central mechanic, and it's pretty rockin' to tell stories in that way.

Blogger charles says:  

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