Apocalypse World: The List

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twelve people are responsible for the end of the world.

They're still alive out there. We have their names and pictures on The List.

We're going to kill every last one of those bastards.

You in?



Blogger Mike R. says:  

Brilliant. I would love to play in that campaign.

Blogger Ry St says:  


Blogger Brand Robins says:  

Nope, because my name is on the list.

Of course, the picture is wrong, so I've got time.

Its you motherfuckers that's gonna die.

Blogger Warbeard says:  

I would love to be in.

Blogger Marc Majcher says:  

Yeah! That is some hot shit, right there.

Blogger Hans Otterson says:  

as someone who's currently MCing, all I can think is "man, how would I make those 12 threats/fronts live up to that pitch?"

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

In your last life you obviously pitched movies to Hollywood big-wigs. Very nice.

Blogger John Powell says:  

Let's fire up the the baby-powered time machine and get those fuckers before they get us!

Oh wait, in Apocalypse World there are no time machines...

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

One of those people is my estranged father. Do I reconcile with him first?

Anonymous Anonymous says:  


Anonymous Steve Segedy says:  

Sounds great- I just hope we can get through all twelve by the end of Gen Con!

Anonymous Daniel Wood says:  

Sure, I'll kill them -- right after I make them tell me how to repeat the process.

Anonymous Jack Holcomb says:  


Blogger Brett B says:  

I'm running this storyline with my group next. Don't care what system I'm using or what the "official" storyline will be - but this is what I'm doing.

Blogger Sol Invictus says:  

I think you're my new hero, man

Blogger Warbeard says:  

Hey John, Any chance of releasing this as an adventure/campaign?

Blogger Unknown says:  

Makes me think of "The Passage" by Justin Cronin (which would be another great backdrop for an AW game).

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