Lady Blackbird Play By Post

Friday, May 08, 2009

Some folks are playing Lady Blackbird by post over on RPGnet. Cool things are already happening early on, including the idea of using alternate and foreign words for swearing, Firefly style. "Shacklin'" has been suggested as an all purpose curse, and I heartily approve. "There's a shacklin' hole in the side of the ship!" Yeah, that's going into our games of LB.

EDIT: For future reference, the In-Character Thread and the Out-of-Character Thread.



Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I've started one at Myth-Weavers, and will keep you posted.

Blogger John Harper says:  


Anonymous Anonymous says: is the main site. The game is at (I don't think you need to register to see it). So far, I've got one interested player, hope to pick up a few more, and will start the escape on Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

It's started, with Lady B desperately trying not to use her Sorcery, Snargle trying to talk his way out of the brig using a fake British accent, and Cyrus going bonkers and blazing away with two pistols. Fun!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Beginning AP is up, at

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