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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This blog has a forum now. I don't know why. It's probably not going to be used much, but you never know. There's this new Tangler thing and it's pretty cool, so I set one up.

Anyway, the forum is Go and post stuff if you want. There are no rules yet. Talk about anything.

For some reason, the home page sometimes says "No Recent Activity" even though there are posts. So ignore that, click on "Topics" and off you go.


Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Awesome. Now we have a place to go when Story Games and Knife Fight explode in chaos!

Blogger Mick says:  

That's cool. You should add a big link to your web site so it's easy to get to.

Blogger Parthenia says:  

Yeah, what Jonathan said.

And since you're on the west coast, hopefully there will be stuff going on while I'm at work in the wee hours of EST.

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