An Imaginary Excursion Into Dungeons Beneath the Earth, and the Slaying of the Creatures Which Dwell Within, Notably Dragons

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"What is my imaginary marauder expected to do now, Rutherford?"
"According to the instructions of this rules compendium, sir, you're to make a play of stabbing the odious creature with your sword."
"Ridiculous! I shall do no such thing! Imagine, exerting oneself in such a manner. And I have left my saber at home on the mantelpiece in any case."
"Begging your pardon sir, but you may recall that this is an enterprise of the Mind that we have engaged in, and the application of your steel is only a matter of saying that it is so."
"Ah! Quite right, Rutherford. Quite right. Very well, you may send my instructions regarding the stabbing to the Dungeon's Master by way of the evening post. Feel free to embellish the particulars with any vulgarities that may be appropriate to the course actions of my alter ego."


"Master, the die has been cast and is even now turning about upon the table's top."
"I should expect nothing less. Tell me, of how many faces is it composed?"
"Sides numbering a twain of tens, my lord."
"Excellent. Such a number meets with my approval. Now, as to the other Platonic solids..."
"My lord?"
"What is it now, Rutherford?"
"I nearly think the die has ceased its tumbling."
"No doubt due to the ministrations of the Physics upon its atoms!"
"Quite so, sir."
"Do you think you can make out the numeral inscribed upon its upermost face?"
"I shall attempt to do so now, sir."


"The foul thing has ensorceled your pretend-man, sir!"
"The Deuce you say! Unless my eyes deceive me, you have written upon this parchment that my 'Throw of the Die to Withstand the Magicks of the Heathen' stands at a value of ten and two or less! And look here! The die sits upon the table bearing the number four!"

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Blogger Kevin says:  

I'm going to use the term "your pretend-man" instead of "your character" from now on. Awesome.

Blogger Philip says:  

I say, old chap! Have you any Dew of the Mountain about the place?

Blogger Mischa says:  

Upon my word, that was most amusing! Perchance might these interactions become serialized?

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