Lady Blackbird

Friday, April 24, 2009

I have a new game project, a free steampunk adventure module called Lady Blackbird. It's designed as a quick-start game set, so you can run a fun game with no prep for 2-5 other people. It has rules, situation, setting, and pregen characters all ready to go. You can get the PDF at the game website (or by clicking on the button in the left column over there).

I plan to update the PDF as it gets refined in play over the next few weeks, then lock it into a final form. I also have some plans for selling a printed version of the module, as well as add-on modules with new situations, characters, and rules bits.

Stay tuned for more. And if you play, please head over to Story Games and talk about it.

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Blogger Willem says:  

My heart sings when I look at this.

Definitely gonna play - countin' the days.

And pleez keep blazing the trail!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Love the new art! Thanks for making it into a desktop background, I just decked out my lappy with it.

I really look forward to playing this thing. I'll be sure to ping you when I do.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Man, somebody better write some music for this game.

Blogger Joe says:  

John, this looks sweet! I'm totally running it for my group later this month.

Matt: I see you've gotten to work on the music. "The Owl" sounds great!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Outstanding! I look forward to more. May be running this on Monday.

Anonymous Rasalan says:  

Seems great! I'm translating it right now (some of my players don't speak a word of english).
I'll try to give you a copy when it's finished (and play-tested)...

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