On the Wicked Range...

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

We played In A Wicked Age... last night in a Western setting, and it was great. I'll tell about it in another post.

We used the Western Oracle from Abulafia, plus some custom sheets I made up for the occasion. Figured y'all might be of a mind to download 'em for yer own use. The PDF contains a selection of the Western oracle entries as well as custom Western-themed sheets for PCs and NPCs.

On the Wicked Range PDF [336KB]

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Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  


Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks! I just tweaked the PDF to remove a duplicate entry, so you might need to grab it again to get the most recent version.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

IAWA is pretty much made for the Western.

We need more Oracles though. And maybe find out what's so important about that mysterious sink hole...

Blogger Dave Y says:  


Blogger Dave Y says:  

Hey Ben - that Oracle's now at 104 entries, so hows about I split it in 2. In Town and Out of Town would be easy, but might not fit your game's style (all elements would be one or the other in that case). Do you have a better idea on how you'd like to split it? I'm all ears.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

That's more than I thought. John's list has fewer, but he might have edited for the sexy ones (always prudent).

I think grouping more by flavor than fact, like the original IaWA oracles. Categories that reflect different styles of Western. Maybe things like:

- Outlaws of the Badlands
- High Noon / Hang Em High
- There's Gold In Them Thar Hills / Boom Town
- Ranchers & Settlers / Range Wars

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