Conspiracy of Shadows: Dirty Hands

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You all know about Conspiracy of Shadows: Dirty Hands, right?

I assumed you would, if you cared about awesome things.

I think you have to register to see all of it. But whatever. It's a free gritty fantasy RPG and it's friggin' great. Check it out. I am seriously itchin' to play it now.


Blogger Andy K says:  

I plan on developing Conspiracy of Shadows in a way that totally pissed off Keith.

Ask me how!


Blogger Keith Senkowski says:  

How Andy? Fucking How?

Blogger Andy K says:  


A CoS setting set in a fictionalized pre-feudal Japan.

Blogger Garret says:  

Hello there. Love your games! Wish I had something to donate but kinda saving for our child due in May. Although I would love to donate my time and help in creating games. If you are looking for any help you could send me an email at


Blogger Jomi says:  

As of may 2020, Conspiracy of Shadows appears nowhere to be found...

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