All Games Considered: Lady Blackbird

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The nice folks over at All Games Considered have a post-session talk about their experience playing Lady Blackbird. Suffice it to say, it made my day (week, month).

Give it a listen, here:

Thanks, Mags!



Blogger John Powell says:  

I'm curious John. Do you have download stats for your free games, and can you measure what kind of boost exposure like this generates (or fails to)? Would you share such info?

For some reason I just love reading Fred Hick's blog entries about Evil Hat sales...

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Wow, that's really cool. They were effusive! Hearing them talk about the game made me go back and check the text in a couple places. I noticed that there's not an *explicit* instruction that players can grab XP themselves (a la TSoY). I wasn't clear on whether they did it that way or not and was curious whether they did - may have just missed it.

It also made me re-appreciate the way the characters are tied to one another and are built to hit the air flying. I'm working on a Lady Hackbird and that's the hardest part to get juuuust right thus far.

Anonymous Ninetongues says:  

Hey there, John!

I just wanted to tell you, that your'e awesome. For years now I've been wondering what the hell do people see in small indie games. I find most of them stupid, weak, and lacking.

And then, by accident I got a copy of Lady Blackbird.

Damn. I heard something go "click" in my head, when I was reading this.

I understood much. I've finally got why people like small games. Not that I'll suddenly play weak TSoY, or that I'll excite over stupid KT, nor will I play Lady Blackbird.

But I will play a Star Wars game using LB rules, and let me tell you, we have a lot of fun doing this.

So thanks for making new trends easier for me.

One thing I don't get though: Why don't you advertise your games better? This is a question I've been asking on Story Games, on Forge, and no one could answer... Why didn't I get to your games earlier? Why no one knows LB, while they know shit like KT?

Would love to talk with you some more, so if you would like to have someone to talk to in central Europe - go for it: ninetongues(at)

Thanks once again.

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