Apocalypse World: Planet Athena

Monday, September 06, 2010

Roughly 3,200 terraforming colonists, technicians, scientists, corporate representatives, and military personnel arrived on LV-917 (aka planet Athena) over 30 years ago. Since then, they have received no re-supply, no support, no signals of any kind from Earth. They are abandoned and alone, left to make whatever lives they can at the far edge of space.

What condition is the colony in now? What has become of the original mission; the various roles and responsibilities? How much of the original population has survived, and what is the second generation like? Are the HNLs (hostile native life-forms) real? Play to find out.

This was my AW pitch at PAX for the game with Ryan Macklin, Will Hindmarch, and Chris Hanrahan. They worked magic with it.



Blogger Ryan says:  

Oooh! Sweet setting!

Blogger Gregor Vuga says:  


Blogger Michael Pfaff says:  

Genius. Might steal this for my next game.

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