Agon: Proof

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I sent the files to the printer today. Should have a proof on Thursday. I'll make the necessary tweaks, then the final thing gets wrapped up for Saturday. I'll have books (and possibly t-shirts) at GenCon. Woo hoo!



Blogger mylescorcoran says:  

Wow. That's a lovely looking book. What format is the binding going to be?

Blogger Marc Majcher says:  

That looks amazing, John. I really love your style. Congratulations on getting something that looks fun and pretty together so quickly!

Blogger Unknown says:  

DAMN FINE! And Blogger had BETTER let me post this time, or I'm going to get grumpy!

Blogger ricmadeira says:  

Wow! Amazingly, impossibly, awesome!

Must... own...

Blogger joshua m. neff says:  



Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

I'm totally going to use it to run Multiverser.

Also, it rocks mightily. AGON, I mean.

Blogger Drozdal says:  

//Matt Wilson

I'm totally going to use it to run Multiverser.//
HOT! You're running it at gencon, right?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks, everybody.

Myles: The book is 9x7, softcover, perfect bound, 116 pages. It's an unusual size, but I couldn't pass up those nice, wide, pages.

Blogger Guy says:  

116 pages? Didn't you only start working on it something like two months ago?

Blogger Guy says:  

BTW, did you consider CSI Games?

Blogger John Harper says:  

I've never heard of CSI games. It's funny that they're using a Greek motif for their logo. I guess competitive = Greek. :-)

I'm not sure what you mean by "considered", Guy. As in, using that term for Agon? I have to admit I have zero interest in the old "what is an RPG?" debate. If he wants to call it a CSI... well, whatever.

Blogger Guy says:  

He? That'd be me ;)

I mean in the project, in the label, anything.

The site will also help people with coming up with these games or refining them, hopefully.

Also, check the Wiki, we're currently looking for more logo options and having a vote on which one to use :)

Blogger John Harper says:  

More power to ya, Guy.

If you want to use Agon as an example of a CSI, feel free.

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