True20 Redux

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

In an old post, I tore True20 a new one. It deserved it. Since then, however, Green Ronin has revised the True20 Quick Start PDF, and it is a much, much better beast. Practically every nitpick I once had with it has been addressed.

So... nicely done, Green Ronin! It looks like the whole True20 line will live up to your normally high standards.


Blogger TQuid says:  

This looks interesting, and it's a well-done quick start document, but I'm left wondering, what would make True20 better than, say, D6? Seriously; I'm curious.


Blogger John Harper says:  

I didn't say it was better than d6. I really have no opinion on that topic, since I haven't had the chance to compare them in play. For games like that, I prefer Savage Worlds, anyway.

I just wanted to acknowledge that the PDF had greatly improved since I last reviewed it.

Blogger buzz says:  

John, was your original post referencing the previous QuickStart guide, or the full True20 rulebook? I guess I'm just curious how revisions to the QuickStart refect on the full True20 rules, which have already been published.

Blogger John Harper says:  

I was referencing the previous QuickStart guide. That was before there was a full True20 rulebook.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

But why play even Savage Worlds when we all know that nothing is more savage than the AGON?

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