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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

So, the local game group has gone ape for Mechaton. I've been ordering from Bricklink and generally just geeking out about LEGO and mechs. In our campaign setup, I'm playing a faction of industrial robots that have been taken over by an ancient alien AI. The first generation of mechs are all construction and excavation bots from the alien archeology site. The second-gen mechs are built from a fusion of human and alien engineering. Here are some photos of second-gen bots:



Blogger Matt Snyder says:  

That first one in particular is brilliant!

Blogger Philip says:  

Holy crap, these are even cooler in person. Awesome!

Blogger Unknown says:  

SCHWEET! I've got to go home RIGHT NOW and work on my next crop of mechs.

Blogger Unknown says:  


I must play you! Why, with the living so far?

Blogger John Harper says:  

I know! It's artillery range, for sure.

You could always come out for Go Play Northwest. :-)

Also, my mechs are coming to GenCon. We will throw down.

Blogger Unknown says:  

Oh, yes, we will. We will bleed Lego!

Blogger Andy K says:  

I just noticed something: Do you have a room that's made out of tatami mats??? Cause if you live in the US,

* That's hardcore.
* Plus, SWEET.


Blogger John Harper says:  

Andy: Yep. I teach Aikido (a *very* small class) in my home, so one room was given over to the mats.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

awsum. i have currently 20 mechs, and 9 more coming in from the lego factory. great mechs you have there. i like the first one. a fun way to build mechs is on the lego digital designer 2.0. look it up

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