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Saturday, March 10, 2007

300 is in theaters now. Go, and become rocked. Then come back and hit this thread on RPGnet:

[Agon] The 300. Let's do it.

We're gonna prep the pieces for a 300-style game of Agon, and we're gonna compete to see who can do it the best.



Blogger Ed H says:  

I haven't seen it. I checked out the graphic novel. But everything about 300 just makes me sad.

It's probably some issue I've got, but it just makes me sad to see Frank Miller with this gigantic hardon for these asshole Spartans.

If I saw the movie I'd be rooting for the Persians.

But everybody says the movie rocks, I know, I know.

Blogger John Harper says:  

To be fair, Frank has a hardon for practically every kind of asshole. Including himself.

But damn! The man has style.

Blogger rafial says:  

I hate to break Godwin's Law so early, but halfway though the movie I though "Gee. It's a pity Hitler is dead. He would have really liked this film."

At the end of the movie, I was just about to relate this impression to Lynn when she turned to me and said "Am I just overly sensitive, or did we just sit through a Nazi propaganda film?"

More specifically: if you've ever read the Norman Spinrad novel Iron Dream, then 300 is "The Lord of the Swastika" reset in Greece.

As for the rape scene, well, it was just there to fulfill the classic thematic requirement that a woman must be raped before she is free to take direct action against her oppressors. As established in such cinematic classics as "Gator Bait", y'see.

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