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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Stars Without Number:

Leverage RPG:

Apocalypse World:

Spirit of the Century:

In A Wicked Age (PC):

In A Wicked Age (NPC):

One The Wicked Range (PCs/NPCs + Oracle):

DAGON (Delta Green + Agon):

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Blogger Unknown says:  

Fantastic. Truly inspirational! I always end up using Excel and printing to PDF, myself.

Blogger Brand Robins says:  

So on the SotC one, what's the blank circle in the middle for?

Blogger John Harper says:  

On the custom sheets I made for our PCs, the center circle area is where the character photo goes.

You can use it to draw your guy, or record your enemies list, or meditate on its perfect emptiness.

Blogger Marc Majcher says:  

Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing these!

Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Love the new IAWA ones. Also, thanks for the links that will hopefully help me learn to play the game.

Blogger Argent says:  

Wow, these are incredibly beautiful. The strength of design is astounding.

Anonymous Yunus says:  

Sweet! Would you consider adapting the SotC sheet for Diaspora? It's got a seriously scientifictional look to it already.

Blogger Oneiromante says:  

I made an amateurish modification of the SotC one (in spanish) to play with my Star Wars hack. My players enjoyed it a lot.

Blogger buzz says:  

You need to post your SWN sheets here, too!

Blogger UserClone says:  

Are there rules for Dagon somewhere? Because that sheet is HOT!

Blogger Shoepixie says:  

Wow. These sheets are not only gorgeous, but manage to reflect their games most beautifully, while still paying proper respect to clean design and utility. Very nice!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Hi, John. Big fan from Spain here. I was looking for the Pocket Danger Patrol Character Sheet. Where I can download it? Thanks!

Blogger John Harper says:  

Hello! There's no sheet for Pocket Danger Patrol. We just use index cards. :) Maybe I'll make one.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

It´ll be great. Your designs are awesome, man! :)

Blogger danskmacabre says:  

Thanks for the Stars without number sheets. I found them very useful.
I created a sheet for AI characters as well (which come with the full rules). It's not as nice as your sheets, but functional enough:

Blogger Stan Shinn says:  

Love the character sheets!

What's the font you use in the Stars Without Number set?

I was thinking of doing some additional resources for SWN, and I'm trying to make them match your look and feel. Looks similar to the Flywheel font, but a bit different.

Blogger John Harper says:  

The display font is Bronzo and the body is DIN.

Blogger Stan Shinn says:  


Blogger amingley says:  

Any chance you would consider making a Pathfinder character sheet for the Avery half sized binders?

Blogger John Harper says:  

I only makes sheets for a game when I play it. If I ever get around to playing Pathfinder, though, I'm sure I'll make some sheets for it.

Blogger Game Thug says:  

Hey mate, the sheets for SWN are great, but there's a skill missing--Steward!

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