Thursday, January 17, 2008

Dave Younce is running Delta Green using the system from Agon as part of the "Play This With That" Challenge from Story Games. He's calling it DAGON, which is awesome. I told him I would make a character sheet for the game, and he told me to go crazy. So I did.

Click the image to download the PDF.

UPDATE: The game has been played! There's an AP on Story Games and Dave posted some photos. Check out that sexy Google-Earth mission briefing! So sweet.



Blogger Unknown says:  

Oh BABY are you on a tear!

Blogger Marc Majcher says:  


Blogger Benjamin Baugh says:  

That's a gorgeous sheet.

Makes me feel all squamous inside.


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Oh that just frickin rocks. Well done.

Blogger Unknown says:  


Blogger Unknown says:  

I played that game at Dave's this weekend. The sheet really helped set the mood for the game.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks, everyone!

Davey: I'm glad the sheet helped. It was fun to make, but I bet the game was more fun to play :).

Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Harper, you still make the best character sheets on the planet.

Blogger Devin says:  

I just found this sheet and I love it, great work! What fonts did you use?

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