Fun With SketchUp

Friday, April 25, 2008

Google SketchUp is so great. I'm toying around with it to make maps for a game project. I want the classic Tony Dowler look, but with a more technical/modern style. SketchUp is pretty much perfect for this. Here are some test maps I did in about an hour.

And, this being 3D, you get plan and elevation views too, with no hassle.

To get this look, I just played around with the Styles until I got a line/fill/shadow combo with the right feel. The models themselves are taken from the 3D Warehouse. For the real maps, I'm making my own buildings, which turns out to be both easier and harder than I expected. They're easy to make, but it's hard to conceptualize really cool looking architecture. I'm going back to my deco art books and online galleries for inspiration.

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Blogger Kevin says:  

Someone on the ENWorld boards was apparently reconstructing Temple of Elemental Evil with this. I looked over it then just trying to get a feel for how hard it would be to play around with. I'll have to give it another shot...

Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Holy fuck.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Lucky for that city it has its own theme song.

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