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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Blogger Rafial says:  

"Pick a number for your character. When you are in a conflict, roll that many Fudge dice. Pick a stunt, and two carried items."

Blogger Unknown says:  

That's the most beautiful April Fools ever!

Blogger Benjamin Baugh says:  

You can't post something that badass as a joke.

It is deeply uncool.


Blogger Parthenia says:  

Joke's on you. Clearly there's a demand, so get to work.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  


Now there's three things I want more than food... *whimper*

Blogger Philip says:  

Personally, I'm looking forward to Danger Things...

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

I'm waiting for Ranger Patrol, where you fight demons with hockey sticks.

Blogger Scott says:  

Ha! That's hilarious!

Also, I have enclosed $27 for my copy of "Stranger Patrol". My man will be around to collect it.

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