Danger Patrol Alpha 07.12.09

Sunday, July 12, 2009

New draft available!

Danger Patrol Alpha Playtest 07.12.09

I changed the Style and Role card layouts so they're easier to use (you just print the whole set and then cut the sheets in half). I also added an example for action scene 2, changed the helping rules, cut action tokens (everything works with power tokens now), and cleaned up the text a bit.

This will be the stable alpha draft for now. I'll continue to collect feedback and suggestions for an eventual beta draft some time down the line. Thanks to everyone who helped out to make the alpha version better.

(FYI: The links in the announcement post, below, have been updated to the new version, so you can still link to that post to share the game if you want to.)



Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Those are the style and role cards I remember as a child. If my childhood were GPNW. Which it basically was.

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