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Sunday, July 12, 2009

A few groups have played Danger Patrol and I wanted to acknowledge them and link to their actual play reports for my own future reference.

Danger Patrol: Terror of the Stygians. Matt Wilson, Brennan Taylor, Gil Hova, Rich Flynn.

Danger Patrol: Nth Dimensional Chaos in Boston. Jonathan Walton and team.

Danger Patrol: Danger at the Gravity Ballet of Danger. Jason Morningstar, Steve Segedy, Joel Coldren, Mike Graves.

The Compleat Strategist Audio Recording. Featuring Danger Cadet Johnny! George Austin, Sam Zeitlin, Jonathan Davis, Joe Iglesias, and Nick X.

The Oklahoma City All-Stars (audio recording, link coming): Joshua Unruh, Jeff Williams, Chris Harmon, Chris Masters, Paul Crowell

EDIT: More!

Let Me Tell You All About Danger Patrol

Attack of the Plutonian Apes!

Danger Patrol Cocktails

Thanks to everyone for playtesting and giving feedback.

A new draft of the playtest kit will be out later tonight!



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Hi there! Nick X's last name is Novitski!

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