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Monday, September 28, 2009

I have a donate button now. If you want to give me money for my "free" games (and some of you do, apparently) feel free to buy me a drink or six.

Click the button here:

Pics of said drink(s) provided upon request.


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Donated, and pointed all my Ghost/Echo friends at the link.

I actually like looking at photos of well-mixed drinks more than drinking. Post at your convenience.

The choice of drink is of course yours, but if you haven't tried a Sidecar or a Lemon Drop, both are quite nice.


Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks! Pics coming later tonight.

My girlfriend is a fan of the Lemon Drop. Myself, I prefer to leave good liquor unadulterated whenever possible.

Blogger mptklein says:  

I was one of those voices clamoring for the button and I was happy to donate to John's drinking and game design habits. In that order.

I don't much care what you buy and drink with the cash, Johnny, but you must succeed at an NFA roll to _stop_ drinking, in honor of the Sevastopol.

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