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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Getting closer to the final style...

It amuses me how much I need to get the style in place in order for the words to come out right. It's still mostly greeked. I think this one will be fairly hefty... maybe 24 pages or so, including the maps.


Blogger John Harper says:  

I'd also like to say: Trade Gothic is awesome.

Blogger ave.eail says:  

You want to say "Зимняя Гвардия", not "Зимний Гвардия" in upper-right corner of first page.

Blogger ave.eail says:  

And maybe (i'm not sure what meaning you have in) you can translate "the faction of people" as "Народная Партия".

Blogger John Harper says:  

Awesome! Thanks so much.

Blogger Micah says:  


I'm going to try your "layout first" method and see it works for me.

Blogger Unknown says:  

Wow, I had no idea you were developing something like this, wicked!

By the way, if you need help with Russian I (being Russian) would be happy to assist.

tamara.persikova (at) gmail (dot) com, if you're interested.

Blogger John Harper says:  

I would love help with Russian!

I'm thinking of renaming it to NOVOGRAD, which is pseudo-russian, but I like the sound of it.

Blogger ave.eail says:  

It's no so "pseudo" as u think. Novograd is historical name of some russian towns. There are Novograd-Volinski and Novograd in UA. And there are Novgorod the Great and Nizhni Novgorod in Russia.

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