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Monday, March 22, 2010

There are several cool hacks of Lady Blackbird out now, so I'm making a post to collect them.

Age of Sail
By Richard Lacy. A re-skinning of LB for the age of tall ships and piracy in the Caribbean.

By Will Hindmarch. A survival-horror sci-fi adventure, using the LB system as the core.

The Bloody Forks of the Ohio
By Jason Morningstar. The kickoff of the French and Indian war.

Darkening Skies
By Chris Sakkas. A true sequel to Lady Blackbird, this is Chapter Two in the Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder.

By Jason Morningstar. 80s action-movie madness.

Jedi Blackbird
By John Aegard. Jedi adventures in the Old Republic.

Lady Blackbird Companion
By Tim Adamson. An expansion of the LB universe, plus lots of new Traits, Secrets, and Keys for any LB game.

My Darn Ex Wife
By John Ryan. Rednecks in space!

Old Mesilla
By Sage LaTorra. A Western-themed hack featuring a group of outlaws going after Billy the Kid.

By Andy Blanchard. Ultra-mod spies vs. the forces of B.E.D.L.A.M.!

By Jason Morningstar. A collection of characters for a Twilight 2000 style post-apocalypse game.

I'll update this post as new ones appear.

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Blogger Chris Bennett says:  

I wish I had some design-fu. Then I would feel more comfortable sharing the Twilight Blackbird hack I ran for Jason and co. at GPNW 2009. Word docs suck:(

Blogger TheLoneAmigo says:  

I put together My Darn Ex-Wife in Word. I mean, it clearly shows, but it shouldn't frighten you away from posting it.

Anonymous Tony S. says:  

Hey, i'm actually working on one of these. Thanks for putting out the game. I've had these ideas spinning through my head for years. LB gives me a chance to do something with them.

I'll send you it once i get the characters and solid direction on a setting together.

I love love Love how most of your story is written into the characters.

Anonymous Jason Hubbard says:  

I love the concept of Ladybird, and the easy to use rules system. I'd love include an article or something in Irregular Magazine.

irregularmagazine at

Blogger Matt Helps says:  

The Jedi Blackbird is really well done. Good read that one. Some day I will finish and submit mine... someday.. :)

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Matt -- thanks!


Anonymous SentientGames says:  

Man, I love these hacks! Going to try to get a Jedi Blackbird running next month.

I have a hack of my own to submit. What's the best way to send it to you, John?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Send it to my email (it's on the first page of Lady Blackbird).

Blogger LordDraqo says:  

Very nice work, I'm looking forward to doing some interesting things with the setting.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Is this collection still updated? It seems to be missing at least Death School.

We played a second session of Jedi Blackbird over the easter weekend and all the players had an excellent time!

Blogger John Harper says:  

Updated! Thanks for the reminder.

Blogger Unknown says:  

Always/Never/Now deserves a mention!

Anonymous Kakukk76 says:  

Operation Blackbird is missing :( Could somebody send me to, please? Thanks a lot!

Blogger The Malum says:  

Here's another person interested in Operation Blackbird. Seems even the Wayback Machine doesn't have it archived.

Blogger charles says:  

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