Apocalypse World Character Sheets

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Here are my sheets for Apocalypse World, updated to the final version of the game.

Includes sheets for all the Basic and Peripheral moves, too.

EDIT: Updated file to the 07.06.10 version (with MC sheets).



Blogger Trithemius says:  

Awesome looking sheets John! I am going to roll 'em out to my players ASAP!

One error I spotted on the Brainer improvements though - the second +1 Hard improvement says it cannot raise Sharp above +2 instead of Hard above +2.

Blogger Unknown says:  


Thanks a million John.

Blogger Jeff Russell says:  

Wicked sweet.

Anonymous stupidgremlin says:  

Good stuff, as always. I was kinda worried how much space would be needed for all the moves and such, but it seems you have put those fears to rest.

Anonymous Gregor H says:  

Oh, DIN. Bring it!

* Can you nix gap before sharp on the Angel (top right) and hard on the Hardholder (top right again)?
* And can you add a gap before hot on the countdown?

That's all I got. Awesomepocalypse!

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks for catching those irregularities, everyone. I tweaked the pages and fixed a few typos, too. The new file is up now.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

John gets +1 Hot for these.

Blogger Ben Wray says:  

John is already at max Hot, but I'll accept giving him +1 ongoing to Hot rolls. I was very impressed with these when I saw them at GPNW, thanks for making them available!

Blogger Matthew says:  

Thanks John! Starting up a game on Thursday and definitely using these. You know what would also be cool? A landscape MoC sheet with the Agenda, "Always Say", the Principles, and the Moves along with some space for notes. Just sayin'. ;)

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

We used these last night to great effect.

Blogger Hans Otterson says:  

John, thanks so much for these sheets. I'm MCing a 1st session on Tuesday and I'm super-grateful that you've updated these to the final version.

Blogger Unknown says:  

I was in Hans's session and I loved the sheets. Will be using them for my own upcoming venture, in fact

Blogger Rico_Valentine says:  

I didn't see the sheet for the Maestro'D....

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