Mouse Guard Shadowrun Hack

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's still a work in progress.

MG is a great fit for Shadowrun, duh. Team play, mission-based, fighting for what you believe in (in the cyberpunk sense) a world hostile to the "little guys."

Here are the hacks:
  • Nature = Edge.
  • Will = Mind. Health = Body.
  • Truncated skill list. Only 9 skills, representing all of the Shadowrun jobs.
  • Skill-Softs! These are wises that you can slot before each mission. Like Kung-Fu, Helicopter, Security Systems, etc. You get 1, 2, or 3, depending on your runner experience level.
  • Degree of success is spent on stylish/cool actions.
  • No Recruitment yet. I'm doing pregen characters, so I don't need to re-write the full Recruitment questionnaire.
More to come as I chop away at it.

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Anonymous Clyde L. Rhoer says:  

A more seasoned runner gets more, or less skill-softs?

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Good god, i just imagined tacticool firefights with the mouseguard combat system.

I'm kinda crying of joy.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Lovely lovely lovely. SR was my first game, and first heartache.

Blogger maledictus says:  

really cool, this make Shadowrun far more simple and appealing.

Anonymous Will Hindmarch says:  

He strikes again.

Blogger Marc Majcher says:  

Oh, dear. Yes, please.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Glad you're diggin' it.

@Clyde: A more experienced runner gets more skill-softs, just like in normal MG a more veteran guard-mouse gets more Wises.

Blogger skinnyghost says:  

I love this. Love it love it.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Oh, also, because someone asked:

This hack is for running a Shadowrun-like game using the MG system. It's not about tiny cyber-mice doing shadowruns.

Anonymous Ackinty says:  

Many thanx for this hack, Sir. And also for the idea of cyber mice :)

Blogger Kevin says:  

I personally always liked the Feng Shui powered Shadowrun. Of course, I don't own Mouse Guard, maybe that would change my mind...

Blogger John Harper says:  

We played Feng Shui SR, too. It was cool.

I like the support MG has for Contacts (Circles) and Resources. We free-formed that stuff in the FS game -- and it was fine -- but having mechanics for it will be good. Also, the mission + obstacle format will make running the game really easy.

I *highly* recommend Mouse Guard. One of the best RPGs ever.

Blogger Ludanto says:  

This is amazazing! And the individual goals make the game about more than just the mission, like it ought to be. I'm getting some friends together and making them play this!

Blogger Keith says:  


I find the way the lines draw my eyes to be... painful maybe... Something about the steep angle on a horizontal plain doesn't sit well with me.

Blogger Per Fischer says:  

Played a lot of SR in the 90s - imagine playing it with a system that actually makes sense...sensational!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Hi Mr Harper, last weekend i wrote you an email to I didnt have an answer yet so i thought may be its not the way to contact you privately, or that you maybe have been busy. May i ask you to check that account and contact me whenever you can?



Blogger John Harper says:  

Hi Paul,

Can you re-send? I don't see any mails from you in my inbox.

Blogger John Harper says:  

@Keith: Yeah, I'm reconsidering the angle. Might make it less extreme.

Blogger Tony says:  

Nice! This might make me want to play Shadowrun, and that's saying something.

Blogger Philip says:  

Personally I like the angle and how it gives the sheet a 3D computer console appearance.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Hi again John.

Email re-sent. Check your inbox when you can.



Blogger Keith says:  

@john I think it would be okay on a vertical plain, as it would draw the eye naturally down the page. Maybe changing the angle on the horizontal from top left to bottom right might make it feel more natural, even with the steep angle.

Blogger Jeff Szusz says:  


Blogger Joey says:  

This comment has been removed by the author.

Anonymous Spacemouse says:  

It's been said before, but I just have to say it again. This is probably THE most appealing character sheet I have ever seen. I don't know if it's enough to make me like Shadowrun, but it certainly helps.

Anonymous Ackinty says:  


@Mr Harper, any news of your hack ?

How do you translate the missions obstables (wilderness, weather, animals, mice) ?

Thanks in advance

Blogger Max says:  

Excellent. Not necessarily for the system, but for giving me the idea of running a shadowrun campaign with mice.

Blogger Dionysus says:  

Hey - did anymore come of this?

Blogger Thomas says:  

Would you share your pregen characters?
I think this hack is an amazing idea and would like to see more of it.

Blogger Ἰάσων says:  

This is a brilliant hack. Please post more as you shake out the details.

Blogger John Harper says:  

I still haven't run it. When I do, I'm sure there will be more stuff. Until then... you're on your own! :)

Blogger Zack Wolf says:  

I still want to give this a shot.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

There are no dates on the comments.... Have you run this yet? Can we reasonably expect more to come?

Blogger Helish Lawera says:  

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