The Regiment: SOLDIER

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Regiment is an Apocalypse World hack about soldiers at war by Paul Riddle and me. Here's a little teaser: the Soldier tri-fold playbook PDF.

More to come! We're planning on a Q1 PDF release (for sale) next year.



Blogger GremlinLegions says:  

Darn it! Why must I be tempted with even more Apocalypse World hack wonderfulness?!

Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Awesome. What does the "2/3 harm" on the bayonet mean?

Blogger John Harper says:  

2-harm in your hand (like a knife), 3-harm when attached to the rifle (like a spear).

Anonymous Will Hindmarch says:  

Coooool. I'm really psyched to see this in action and on the page, John. I'm curious to see what's different and what's the same as in AW. Will this be a complete text or will it build off of the AW book for the core rules of play?

A couple of things, because a quick copyedit is how I express my love:
• "[PC] needs me to look out for them. Take bond +1 with them." This "bond +1" looks like it has an extra space, compared with the others in its column.
• "get+1 to any stat (max +3)" This is lacking the space that the "get +1battle" and other items have upwards on the list.

Seeing the game's language in this other context is really interesting to me. I still read "roll+battle instead of roll+lucky" as having the broken-English post-apoc style in it (because the verb gets either repeated weirdly in my head, or because there is no verb—I'm still not sure how to read the "roll+trait" language), which is curious. I'm really looking forward to seeing what sort of voice you've given the manuscript for The Regiment. Consider my curiosity piqued and eager!

Anonymous Paul Riddle says:  

The Soldier playbook looks great!

Anonymous Gregor Hutton says:  

Got my atten-shun.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks for the copyedit, Will! The Regiment is going to be an "expansion pack" for AW, rather than a stand-alone text. You'll need the AW book to play it.

I see what you mean about "roll+trait." I've been reading it as a technical expression of a mechanic for long enough that it doesn't jump out at me as quirky post-apoc the way, say, Hx or "barf forth" does. I'll think about that.

Blogger timeLESS says:  

This looks very promising !

Anonymous Gregor Hutton says:  

For my two cents I think you could always say "Test Lucky" (or Luck), "Test Battle", etc. and explain that a Test is a Roll plus the stat.

Blogger Piffy says:  

Hi John. I wanted to thank you for your maps. I just cannibalized one for an adventure of mine!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I am unfamiliar with AW, tho' hear superb things about it. Will the Regiment go into setting, ideas, etc for the base game more than just the PDF shown above, an extension to the game as it were?

Anonymous Troll says:  

I got to help test this at GenCon this year, I had an absolute blast. We had a great group of players and it went very smoothly.

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