Old School Hack Released!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The beta PDF of Old School Hack is out now! This is a continuation/modification of the Red Box Hack, which is a lightweight and fun tribute to fantasy hack-and-slash. RBH was lots of fun to play, and it looks like OSH will be even better. Plus, it's presented in a really pleasing graphic format that's easy to read and reference. Definitely worth checking out.

I need to get a game of this going ASAP.


Blogger koboldstyle says:  

Thanks for the kudos, John!

Hope you get to play it soon. Someday I'd even love to run it for you!

Blogger John Harper says:  

Maybe we can meet up at a con one of these days. :)

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I've just recently discovered both Agon and OSH, in the same Rpg gig, John. And I feeling very much in debt with you and Kirin. Both games change it all... At least for me. :)

Blogger robertty says:  

Blogger robertty says:  

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