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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tim Adamson has made a very cool "appendix" for Lady Blackbird: The Lady Blackbird Companion. It's a compilation of material from the various LB hacks as well as all new stuff. Here's his description of it from Story Games:

What is this?
A setting and rules companion to Lady Blackbird.

Who is this for?
Anyone who enjoys Lady Blackbird or other Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder.
Anyone interested in fantasy steampunk adventure role-play.

Why do you use this?
Extending or augmenting the adventures of Lady Blackbird and associates.
Having other exciting adventures in the Blue.
Writing new chapters of Tales from the Wild Blue Yonder.

Where and when do you use this?
At the table, when you play.

How do you use this?
Find bits of setting detail to add into your game.
As a GM: find ideas for obstacles, questions, and NPCs.
As a player: find ideas for your character, places to go, and things to do.
Ignore what you don't like and---probably---what contradicts what you do like.

Lots of great stuff in there. Highly recommended!



Blogger dwbapst says:  

Interesting; definitely going to have to check it out. Thanks for posting this link, John!
-Dave Bapst

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I produced a Lady Blackbird framework for maptools (for those of us who don't play face to face and have to use a virtual tabletop).

Anonymous lindevi says:  

Question for you then: if hacking the story is legit, what about its system? Fell in love with its simplicity and realized it'd be perfect for adapting a dark fantasy novel my friends and I adore. With original credit given to One Seven, of course.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Everything in LB falls under the Creative Commons license. So go right ahead!

Blogger laurent says:  

LB, such a nice game.
I did my own Fan art

I hope you will enjoy...;->

Blogger John Harper says:  

Wow, those are great Laurent! Thanks for sharing your work.

Blogger laurent says:  

You are more than welcome...
Thank YOU, for sharing your work too.

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