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Monday, February 14, 2011

I decided to make some custom character sheets for the new Leverage RPG.

One sheet per Role, with the Role talents printed on the sheet to facilitate character creation. I had to re-write the talents in a more compact form so they'd fit on the sheets. Hopefully the Leverage-heads out there will tell me if I screwed anything up too badly. There's an extra sheet to record jobs/experience that also has the open talents on it.


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

This is excellent. Talents were the one tricky part of character creation, but here there are all the inspiring concepts for characters built right in. I will definitely be using these to introduce my group to this game.

Anonymous Wightbred says:  

Never even heard of the show but these make me want to play. Excellent as always.

Anonymous Zornhau says:  

Very useful and practical character sheets. Especially for bringing new players into a Leverage RPG game. Good work!

I suggest, your Crews should go and steal them those character sheets!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Brilliant sheets, I've played a few games using these and I'm now adapting the layout for a fantasy leverage one-shot.

Anonymous Rafael says:  

Stellar work! I have and will adapt this sheet for my Leverage-powered games (http://thegamescape.wordpress.com/2012/01/11/sentinel-five-sheet/). Thank you.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Used these two week ago. Nice work!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Looks great - will definately use them...
Any chance of you making some sheets for a GM screen?

Blogger Unknown says:  

I played in a game at GenCon this summer (2016) with these sheets! They're very useful.

Blogger robertty says:  

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