The Regiment: Elements

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Paul and I are still working hard on THE REGIMENT. We had planned on a Q1 release originally, but have since decided to take more time with it and do another round of playtesting instead. Here's another teaser PDF for you in the mean time.

FAQ answer: It's an Apocalypse World add-on, not a stand alone game. You might think of it as a specific kind of apocalypse (one in which WWII never ended, and has consumed the globe) with new playbooks and moves to suit. Sort of like an AW playset, in a way.

(UPDATE: There was a typo and one of the moves needed tweaking, so I uploaded a new version of the PDF.)

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Blogger Marshall says:  

That looks really hot! If you need some inspiration, you should hunt down the old TV show Combat!, it was a favorite of mine growing up.!

Blogger lucek says:  

Omg, that's impressive. I've just seen the Band of Brothers in my mind again :-)
Great work, as always, mr. Harper.


Blogger GremlinLegions says:  

... oAo
Seriously, why do you make me want to play more and more games?!
I want to take a finished version and present it to my regular would surely convert them to an indie-game way of life.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks! Glad you're diggin' it.

There was a typo and one of the moves needed tweaking, so I just updated the PDF.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Seeing this, it strikes me that a Vietnam War hack for AW would see a very evocative and powerful game, not only including elements related to breakdown of morale, but also combat stress issues and the inevitable interpersonal conflicts between groups along lines of race, rank etc.

Anonymous Wightbred says:  

Can hardly wait for this! How can we get in on a playtest?

Blogger Michael Pfaff says:  

This looks really good.

Blogger Drake says:  


Blogger Anonymous says:  

Hi John,

How will you present the final 'playset?' Will there be supportive notes, or is it all to be buried in the playbooks? I'm starting another AW campaign shortly, and I'd like to offer this to the group. Get in touch? sebastian _at_ cobwebgames dot com.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Hi Sebastian!

The playset will include the playbooks, moves sheets, GM's sheets, two missions (with maps), and the GM's guide (which is the 'How To' bit). We'll follow that up with add-on content down the line (new playbooks missions, and Paul's vehicle guide, which is awesome).

I can send you the alpha playtest kit this week. It lacks the full how-to section, but if you're an experienced MC, it should be easy.

Blogger Dave Bozarth says:  

Any chance I could get in on the playtests? I totaly dig this idea and would love to run it for my next game.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yep. I'll post info about playtesting later this week.

Anonymous Claes says:  

Is that alpha playtest kit available for anyone?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Not yet! I had planned to get it ready last week, but life interfered. I'll post about it when it's ready.

Anonymous Claes says:  

Any news about the playtest kit?

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Wooops, I meant "my group" of course :P

Blogger Guns_n_Droids says:  

That's really great. I wonder, what's the current state of it?

Blogger John Harper says:  

It's in limited playtest right now (basically the Seattle, Bay Area, and Durham crews). When the current version gets stable, we'll open it up to more playtest groups.

Blogger robertty says:  

Blogger robertty says:  

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