The Regiment Alpha Playtest Kit

Monday, March 05, 2012

Here's the alpha playtest kit for THE REGIMENT, an Apocalypse World hack about soldiers at war.
Should you try this out? You're a good candidate if you 1) Have played Apocalypse World and know it well, 2) Are a fan of war movies, 3) Can playtest a game from bare-bones components. If you're not all three of those, then I don't know. Maybe it's not the thing for you yet.

There's a Regiment forum over on the Apocalypse World boards. Please discuss the game over there.


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Anonymous Matt says:  

I don't believe there is a link to the playtest kit within this post. I found it over at the forum, but not sure it was clear that's what I needed to do to find it.


Blogger Jeff Russell says:  

This looks pretty cool. Though the images are mostly WWII, it looks like you purposely made it pretty agnostic on what wars it can represent.

Oh, and one tiny nit pick I had was that some of the Rank Abbreviations given aren't the standard US Army ones, but that's on biggy.

Anonymous Jeff Russell says:  

Damnit, what good is the whole log on process if it still shows up as unknown. That was me above.

Blogger Compare Electric Rates says:  

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