Stranger Things have happened

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

So, I talked to Ron and (if everything goes according to plan) it looks like I will be doing the first-ever Trollbabe mini-supplement, entitled Stranger Things. You might think of it as Hellboy meets Lankhmar. The text is about 80% done now. Tony is doing the cartography, which will rock the house. Phil will be handling the editing. I'll post more about it (and probably a teaser) soon.



Blogger John Harper says:  

I should single out Matt Wilson here. He's the one who told me to cook up a "backburner" game to help motivate me to work on Danger Patrol. And dangit, if it didn't work. Stranger Things is that backburner game. And it's a game that I will actually finish!

So thank you, Matt.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Primetime Adventures was my backburner game.

Blogger Saints and Spinners says:  

May I contribute the Jane Austen supplements?

Blogger Paul Tevis says:  

Hellboy meets Lankhmar? You've made a sale already.

Blogger JasonP says:  

I'm intrigued too, sounds like something worth picking up :)

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks for the words of encouragement, folks. The text is about 90% done now. Still have a lot of lists to do (names, streets, guilds, gods, and a bunch of others).

And then come the illustrations. Which I'm doing myself. Ye gods, may it go quickly. I'm going to totally rip off the Mignola style, which is really the only way to go.

Blogger Ed H says:  

Dude. Tell me more. Want some art?

Blogger John Harper says:  

I would love some art, Ed. Let's talk more.

Blogger Ed H says:  

I don't seem to have a current email address for ya, so drop me a line at edheil at-sign fastmail dot fm.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Paul tevis wrote Hellboy meets Lankhmar? You've made a sale already

And I got to copy that, nuff said.

Blogger John Harper says:  

John said:
And it's a game that I will actually finish!

Oh man. Every time I say that, someone should punch me in the face.

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