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Friday, December 29, 2006

Oh yes, there has been much good gaming this holiday season.

First, there was Elizabeth's Holiday Game Party, which was a blast. There were 40+ people in attendance overall and many games were enjoyed. We played Transamerica, Speed Scrabble, Carcassonne, Ingenious, Cranium, and BattleLore. Mmmm... BattleLore.

Then, at the weekly game group, more BattleLore. My Dwarves gave Tony's Goblins a beating, but it was his first game, so I won't gloat too much. We have agreed to rematch at Agincourt.

Then this happened:

(click for full size)

It was a big ol' Savage Worlds WWII battle extravaganza. I wrote about it in detail over on Story Games if you're curious. There are also lots more photos over on Johnzo's blog. In short, it was a great success and now I have a giant 5'x8' battlemat just begging to be used again.

In addition to RPGs and boardgames, I've been playing four video games recently: Company of Heroes (PC), Splinter Cell: Double Agent (XBOX), and Rainbow Six: Vegas (PC). I'm really enjoying all of them -- they're all very well designed, game-play wise. I'll probably write mini-reviews of each in the coming weeks, but feel free to ask questions in the comments here if you like. I just got Elite Beat Agents for the DS as a gift and I'm looking forward to that, too (who doesn't want to fix the world's problems with funky dance moves?).

I'm still very much in love with BattleLore, but now I'm eyeballing Combat Commander: Europe as the next step up the wargaming ladder. It looks so good. Tide of Iron may be a contender, too. I'm just totally in the WWII gaming mood right now.



Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I didn't notice Gears of War in your lineup. Don't miss out on it, it's completely awesome.

I'm really looking forward to Tide of Iron!


Blogger John Harper says:  

I don't have a 360 yet. Yet.

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