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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I just realized that I never posted any GenCon photos and such. So here they are. Some of these are mine, but they're mostly Drozdal's photos because, as everyone knows, Poles take better photos.

The Forge Booth. That's Ron wearing the Stranger Things shirt.

Demos! A shot from early in the day when we're all demoing for each other to draw in the curious.

An Agon demo with Jeff and Judd. Pointing finger of Fate provided by Clinton Nixon.

Putting the band back together. Keith Senkowski, Me, and Thor Olavsrud pose for our CD cover.

Jason Morningstar will tackle you. Paul Czege sips a drink in the background, unconcerned.

Matt Snyder rocks a Nine Worlds demo. Nathan Paoletta and Jason Morningstar are stunned by its awesome power.

Caught on film! I don't know what Jared Sorensen is doing in this photo, but he is definitely not playing Agon. He must have been saving a seat for someone.

Behold the Council. Matt, Paul Tevis, Thor, Rob Donoghue, Luke, and Dave gather 'round the purifying flame that is Agon. Or rant about the government. One of those.

Be advised: Luke Crane can kill with a stare.


Blogger Drozdal says:  

Awesome John!

one word of warning - Luke has hair now...opponents beware!

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