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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
  1. The Purple Death
  2. Freezing Torture
  3. Walking Bombs
  4. The Destroying Ray
  5. The Palace of Terror
  6. Flaming Death
  7. The Land of the Dead
  8. The Fiery Abyss
  9. The Pool of Peril
  10. The Death Mist
  11. Stark Treachery
  12. Doom of the Dictator
Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
  1. New Worlds to Conquer
  2. The Living Dead
  3. Queen of Magic
  4. Ancient Enemies
  5. The Boomerang
  6. Tree-Men of Mars
  7. The Prisoner of Mongo
  8. The Black Sapphire of Kalu
  9. Symbol of Death
  10. Incense of Forgetfulness
  11. Human Bait
  12. Ming the Merciless
  13. The Miracle of Magic
  14. A Beast at Bay
  15. An Eye for an Eye
This is mostly a reminder stub for my own benefit. I'm doing a thing. You probably know what.



Blogger Philip says:  

I like the trilogy of episodes "The Flaming Death", "The Land of the Dead", and "The Fiery Abyss". That's a lot of fire and death.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

From the original eponymous serial:

1. The Planet of Peril
2. The Tunnel of Terror
3. Captured by Shark Men
4. Battling the Sea Beast
5. The Destroying Ray
6. Flaming Torture
7. Shattering Doom
8. Tournament of Death
9. Fighting the Fire Dragon
10. The Unseen Peril
11. In the Claws of the Tigron
12. Trapped in the Turret
13. Rocketing to Earth

Yeehaw! --JM

Blogger Jonathan Walton says:  

Harper, are you stealing ideas from my yet-unpublished project right after I stole ideas from your yet-unpublished project? And, if not, why not?

Blogger John Harper says:  

With both hands, my friend. :)

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