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Friday, April 23, 2010

From last night's game.

Give the characters what they work for, but not what they hope for.

"I want to get a garage."
"Ok. Are you gonna take it as an experience improvement, or arrange to buy one with barter?"
"I can buy one with barter? Cool. I'll do that. How much?"
"I figure 8 will cover the basics."
"Cool. I'll buy one."
"Hold on there. Apocalypse World is all scarcity, yeah? You can't just go buy a garage. If you get a garage, that means someone else doesn't have theirs anymore. They're trading you for it."
"Yeah, okay."
"So there are two garages on the Rig. One is Hester's. The other's Corbett's. You need to go talk to one of them."
"Oh.... hell. Shit."

Respond with fuckery and intermittent rewards. Tell them the possible consequences and ask.

"So we have good hold of the cargo ship now. The crew all accounted for and tied up on deck?"
"Yep. The crew is bound helpless at the feet of your gang of murderous savages. You're leaving them alone while you go check out the bridge, right?"
"Ah... fuck."

"I'm looking over the cargo manifest. How much loot can we get off this boat?"
"Here's the list. You can see where everything is meant to be delivered. There's barrels of clean water, boots, some luxe goods. Which settlement would you like to steal from first?"



Blogger Unknown says:  

By the way, you gave me fits all session long by showering my character with barter. I mean, Dog's a liberty-loving biker gang leader. Being loaded down with goods is just trouble for him. So what happens? Every time he turns around it's raining barter. I mean, seriously, what the hell am I going to do with a War Train?

Blogger Gregor Vuga says:  

It helps if your players/characters aren't...jaded. They do horrible shit all the time without really flinching, they just walk over everyone. I've stopped counting how many NPCs I overthrew, killed and buried in the poisoned ground over the course of a few games.
I suppose that's allright, but it's hard to get that sweet, sweet "Dammit." out of my players. Maybe I just haven't quite grasped it yet.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Love that last one. Reminds me of "The Train Job" from Firefly... Our group is starting up AW next Sunday with Christian GM'ing. Stoked.

Anonymous ben robbins says:  

That's tasty fuckery

Anonymous f34t Breanna zerk says:  

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