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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Greg Costikyan, one of the most influential game designers in my role-playing history (author of Ghostbusters, Star Wars d6, Toon, Paranoia) has reviewed two of my games on Play This Thing: Lady Blackbird and Agon.

I can't tell you how wonderful it is for me to read such positive things about my work from the man that first inspired me as an RPG designer (when I hacked his d6 system from Ghostbusters at age 13).

Thanks for everything, Greg.


Blogger John Powell says:  

Those are pretty awesome reviews. Congrats! Say, do you think you could run a game of Agon at GPNW this year?



Blogger Hans Otterson says:  

Yeah, those are great reviews. I've heard a fair amount about Agon over the years, but the Costik's review of it made me itch to play it in a way that not even Paul Tevis's review did (!)

Blogger Daniel Butler says:  

It took me much more effort than I thought was necessary to understand the rules for Lady Blackbird; more specifically, things should be stated explicitly (such as what, exactly, a Key is) rather than left for the reader to infer (from specific Key descriptions on the character sheets, and from the rules summary about Keys which says vague things like "hitting a Key" without saying what that means!). I have a hard time imagining people who aren't already very familiar with RPG design and rules-light systems "getting" the rules as written without outside help.

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