RPGs I Played: 1983-2003

Monday, May 17, 2010

Making the GO PLAY game list the other day got me thinking about all the RPGs I've ever played. So, I made a list (151 games counted so far). Jonathan Walton (rightly) said that the list was no good until I made an infographic for it, so that's what I did.

It was a real challenge fitting them all in there. And that's only 59 games! I think I'll need a new format for the 2003 - Present graphic, which is 92 games.

So, what about you? I know some of you are making your own lists. I'd love to see them.



Blogger Brendan says:  

Wow. Did you just freehand that in Illustrator or something? Also, if radius is years played, does the portion of the circumference indicate how much you played a game in that year?

Blogger John Harper says:  

The Polar Grid tool is my friend. And yes.

Blogger Rafial says:  

As prophecied.

Blogger Unknown says:  

Now you need to make an online tool that will produce a similar graphic based on users entering their Games Played data.

Blogger Jason Morningstar says:  

That's beautiful! I don't understand what one quanta of game or its relative position within a given year represents, though.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yeah, that's because it's a very sloppy chart. :)

I just sort of eyeballed the number of units a given game got, based on my very rough recollection of playing the game "a lot" or whatever in that year. The relative positions are a result of fitting issues. It would be cool if the quadrants of the circle meant something, though.

Blogger Jeff Russell says:  

Okay, at first, looking at the thumbnail, I was like "wha-what?" but when I looked at the full size thing it conveys a surprising amount of information easily. Neat.

Um, also, I found it interesting that HERO system was played for so long but was rated as "not very influential", whereas the other long running games were at least green.

Blogger Jason Morningstar says:  

Ha! I made my own: http://www.bullypulpitgames.com/fairplay/2010/05/18/thank-john-harper/

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Did the Fudge portion include Force 9? :)

Anonymous Mcdaldno says:  

It's interesting to see how some less-influential games got played a lot (Gamma World) or for a long time (Hero), and some super influential games got played only briefly (Puppetland, Pandemonium, Nexus, Toon, Amber, Prince Valiant, Riddle of Steel).

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