Stranger Things: Desktop No. 2

Saturday, July 30, 2005

First, thanks to everyone who responded to the art question. I really appreciate it. I have made up my mind to cover her up by dropping the line of the dress. Feel free to continue discussing the issue, though.

Second, I made a new photo-based desktop for Stranger Things. Four stock photos of Prague turned out to be the perfect raw materials to depict the City of Forgotten Gods. I really want to go to Prague now.

That's the 1280x1024 version. There's also a 1024x768 version.

UPDATE: A few people have asked to see the photos I used to make this image.



Blogger RogerT says:  

Awesome - I love it John.

Blogger Ed H says:  

You're raising the bar for us illustrators pretty damn high, bastard. :)

That's an *incredibly* evocative piece.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

oh, thats what the cities supposed to look like

Blogger Joe says:  

This one is excellent. It has instantly become my new wallpaper. I like how you slipped a glyph in too. An amazing, atmospheric piece. Thanks John :-)

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Hot damn. It's covering my desktop right now!

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