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Sunday, July 24, 2005

I just finished the first piece of art for Stranger Things, conveniently sized for your desktop.

That one is 1280x1024. There's also a 1024x768 version if you need it.

UPDATE: I hired two artists to work on Stranger Things today: the daring Jake Richmond and Mystery Ninja X (known to mortals as Ed Heil). I'm sending out the artist's bible later tonight and I'll be posting the artwork I get back after it's finalized. Both of these artists are awesome and you all should hire them right away.

UPDATE AGAIN: A few people have asked about the contents of the art bible, so I'm posting a link to the PDF so you can see it for yourself. (This is the screen-rez version. The artists got full-rez, plus specific direction for their individual pieces.)



Blogger Joe says:  

Holy crap John, that rocks! It has the Mignola vibe.

Are you gonna tell us more about this, or just keep teasing us?

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

This is so very fucking cool. Did you work this bitch all digital or a mix? It reminds me of a cartoon that I can't remember the fucking name of. But rawk on with your bad self. Rawk on.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Whoa. If Mignola + Timm had a love child (adopted, I guess, or created in a lab), it would have drawn this.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks, folks. Glad ya like it.

Joe: I'll tell more later this week.

Keith: The line art was done with pen and paper (the buildings and the Stranger as separate elements). Then I scanned 'em and did the coloring in PS. The buildings are based on a screenshot from Thief III which has the perfect architecture for this game.

Matt: Yeah, it does have a "Stranger Things: The Animated Series" vibe goin' on, eh? And Timm is my other favorite, so... cool.

Blogger Unknown says:  


Title + Cover would make me open this sucker on the bookshelf to see what's inside.

Blogger Martin Ralya says:  

Your wallpaper, and the art on Jake's site, are both pretty sexy. Very evocative of the mood, and quite Mignola-esque. Good stuff! :)

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

And here I was hope'n fer a full color book with plates as if it was tak'n from the animator's desk and dropped into layout. The pict you did really is a stand out piece of work (as is everything I have seen you do).

Does Mystery Ninja X have a website or can you point me towards previous work?

Oh, and what do you put in the artist's bible? Curious cause all I have ever gotten from folks is vague hand waving or specific instructions.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Ed doesn't have a portfolio site online right now (I already bugged him about it).

A few people have asked about the artist's bible, so I'll just post a link to the PDF.

Blogger Ed H says:  

You can check out my mad flava and phat skillz in my two Trollbabe comics and at Greyorm's Orx page ( ) until I get around to putting up a real site. :)

Blogger John Harper says:  

Ed's Trollbabe comics:

The Birthroot Bargain

Mystic Crystal Revelations

Love, love, love the mushroom man!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Thanks for posting the artists' bible. That's really neat to see.

I can't wait to have this thing in my hands.

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