Stranger Things Update

Thursday, July 28, 2005

First, the temporary website for the game is up:

You can get a sample PDF of the game there, along with the wallpapers.

Ron suggested that Stranger Things be produced as a standalone game "inspired by Trollbabe" rather than a mini-supplement. Of course I jumped at the chance to flesh it out into a complete game. Now, instead of 90% done, it's about 50% done. I'm still writing like gangbusters, though, and plan to have a finished draft (laid out) by August 11.

If you want to playtest, drop me a line in the comments with your email address. Except for Joe. As usual, he already got in as playtester numero uno.

I just calculated that the game has been in development for a total of 14 days so far. I guess I can be productive when I put my mind to it.



Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Dude, I'll sic it on my grognards!

Blogger Joe says:  

Yeah, I'm a freak... what can I say. You make games that I dig :-)

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Me and the wife (essentially a non-gamer) will take it for a spin. Its the kinda thing I can get her to try. And, if we are lucky I can convince my BW group to take it for a spin.

Blogger RogerT says:  

my group is in. It would be a real honor to play test for you.

Blogger John Harper says:  


Send a message to oneseven at-sign gmail dot com. I'll add you to the super-secret playtester email chain.

Blogger Unknown says:  

I'd love to playtest, but I suggest you intimidate Philaros into running it, as I am going to be playtesting Magicians of England AND running my Dungeonpunk campaign for the next few months.

Blogger Philip says:  

Intimidate me into it? Humph.

I presumed John would run it, seeing how it's his game, but then maybe he's been presuming he'd get me to do it...

Blogger Scott says:  

Where is the progress bar graphic that indicates your level of completeness with the progress bar graphics?

Blogger John Harper says:  

There were only three different revisions of the progress bars, so I've decided to show them as a pie chart indicating percentage of time each survived on the page.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Curses, now you made me buy trollbabe. I'd love to play test it.

Thank the AP over at the forge. it got me all fired up.

Kaareberg at

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I've got an online group that's struggling towards a more narrativist style of play, so you can toss it over here if you want some folks that are less into the indie RPG thing to try it out.

drnuncheon at comcast dot net

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I'll Show you mine if you show me yours.

Seriously, I'm working on a Trollbabe based Lovecraft game called Eldritch Tales, and your postings on Stranger Things have stimulated me to hurry up and finish the blasted thing. I'd love to see a playtest of ST. Send me one and I'll send you what I have of Eldritch Tales.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

So where's it at? How are things going?

Happy holidays, and new year too!


Blogger Unknown says:  

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