Stranger Things: Desktop No. 3

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Can't... stop... making... graphics! Here's my altogether creepy version of Esfyazza, the swirly-haired, floating Stranger that Jake did the drawing of.

And of course a 1024x768 version, too.



Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Wow! Keeps getting better and better (though the first desktop was way cool, too). Don't you ever rest?

Blogger Unknown says:  

Yup. That settles it.

I'm ready to buy.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Seriously man. What would it take to get you to do some desktops for Conspiracy of Shadows? Name your fucking price. Name it cause this work is outstanding.

Blogger Martin Ralya says:  

I know next to nothing about Stranger Things, or Trollbabe. Desktops 2 and 3 make me want to buy the game, sight unseen. I think you should consider using one of them for the cover.

Wow. :)

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Yes! Keep it up! Make my PTA cover all the more prestigious!

I'll be tellin' the gencon ladies, 'yeah, John Harper totally did my game cover.'

And they'll kinda lean on me a bit and say, 'oh, he's so dreamy.'

Blogger Rooney says:  

Definitely lean-and-dream worthy.

Blogger JasonP says:  

I love it! It's now found a home on this desktop :)

Blogger John Harper says:  

Thanks, everyone.

Keith: My price for a CoS desktop is zero dollars. It's in the "indie rpg desktop" queue already, in fact. It's right after PTA and The Shadow of Yesterday. I need to get the old ones back online, too.

Martin: Desktop #2 may be the cover (modified). I have a high-rez version going, but it's gonna take some extra love to deal with a source photo that's not quite high-rez enough. And anyway, I should be writing. But it's nice to hear that it's grabby enough for a cover image.

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