Spirit of the Aether

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Seven months ago, I reviewed Spirit of the Century. Since then, I've done a one-shot and some chargen sessions, which were mad fun. Tonight, we start a full-on SotC series. Woo hoo! I'm so psyched.

We're using SotC to continue our now-epic pulp adventure series, which began many years ago as Pulp d20, then transitioned into The Shadow of Yesterday (Tales from the Aether) and The Dictionary of Mu. Now, we finally come home to the ultimate pulp game system in SotC. I am filled with glee.

I also get to play my favorite RPG character, Nick Timber. He's from the original Pulp d20 game, and it's been a blast updating him for TSOY and now for SotC. Brandon, the GM, is using my sorcerer character from Mu (Kai Shira Khai -- Black Radiance of the Wastes -- Lord of Science) as the big villain for the new series, which will be extra special fun for me, too.

Only five more hours 'til the game...

UPDATE: I posted a mini-AP thing over on Story Games. I'll do more APs for the game as it goes on.



Blogger John Harper says:  

Well, crap. We didn't get to play due to one of the players being sick.

Blarg. I needs me my pulp.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

By the hammer of Thor! More actual play!

Blogger John Harper says:  

We finally got to play!

And it rocked!

I'll have to do up a little AP thingy.

Blogger Drozdal says:  

Hey John

Last time we played SotC (it was more like an playtest than regular game). Our characters were on a trail of Man Eater of India whom all of our characters hated with passion (for different reasons that are not wort of mentioning right now).

Anyway, It was rather cool 3 scene session with - train heading towards the destroyed bridge (and we were on it), ambush orchestrated by the thug assesins / Kali-ma worshippers and Man Eater of India laughing like a real villan while getting away from us with the stolen McGuffin...

Blogger John Harper says:  

Hey Dro,

That sounds awesome!

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