World of Dungeons

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

So, I made a thing.

World of Dungeons is a complete short roleplaying game that answers the question "If Dungeon World was the latest version of a classic roleplaying game, what would the original look like?"

Basically, it's Dungeon World 0E. We've been playing it for several months now, and it's been a blast. If you're a fan of classic dungeon games, or Dungeon World, or both, I think you'll dig it.

How can you get it? By helping the Dungeon World Kickstarter reach $27,000 (about $1200 to go as of this writing). UPDATE: It's unlocked! Once it's unlocked, everyone who contributes at any level gets it for free.

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Blogger buzz says:  


Blogger Rafu says:  

Curse you, Harper! Curse you! And here I am now, considering contributing to the DW crowdfunding just because of this. You'd better give me more info on this thing! For a starter, how many pages is it? Other highlights? MOAR SPOILERS!

Blogger John Harper says:  

It's 6 "pages" -- 2 pages per sheet.

Sheet 1: Two character sheets.
Sheet 2: Equipment, Hirelings, Magic. Character Creation & Rules Summary.
Sheet 3: XP & Leveling. Names & Regions.

It's about the same amount of content as my other small games, like Lady Blackbird or The Wildlings. It's plenty to play the game, though. We've been playing it for months!

Anonymous Chris Sakkas says:  

You may have been playing it for months, John—I've been playing it once a week since it was released in 1978! (With heavy houserules, obviously: the polearm RAW are completely inadequate.)

Blogger dwbapst says:  

You wrote a LB-class lite-RPG 6-page DW variant? Thank you, John.

Blogger GremlinLegions says:  

Why does John Harper always make games that make me want to play them instead of OTHER John Harper games??

Now I may have to supplant Pocket Danger Patrol as my always-in-any-bag-I-carry-around game.

Oh, wait, they're all small. I'll have it in addition to DP!!

Blogger Jesse says:  

I'm guessing we'd get a copy after the kickstarter is over?

Blogger John Harper says:  

If you back the kickstarter, you get the PDF immediately (it's in the backer-only update #5). No waiting!

Blogger John Powell says:  

This rocks John. Thanks.

Blogger Sean Nittner says:  

John, this is great.

Blogger John Powell says:  

Now we just need:

World of Traveller
World of Tekumel

...any other suggestions?

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Wish I wasn't flat out broke!

Blogger Zac in VA says:  

this post convinced me to contribute to the DW kickstarter ^___^

Anonymous Noah D says:  

World of Traveller

Oh, please, let there be a Traveller World someday...

Blogger Tanner Yea says:  

I missed the Kickstarter. Will World of Dungeons be available at a different time in the near future?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yes, there will be a public version at some point (soon-ish).

Anonymous Jeff Russell says:  

Damnit! Found this too late. I would have been happy to kickstart Dungeon World on the strength of prior released PDFs, but now that my appreciation for various versions has been strengthened by steeping myself in the OSR, this makes me all excited like. I'm with Tanner up there, I'll be happy to get a public version of this and DW.

Anonymous Eric West says:  

Hmm. As a Dungeon World backer, was I supposed to get an email about how to access World of Dungeons?

Blogger John Harper says:  

They probably should have done that, yes. :)

If you go to the Kickstarter page, there's a "backers only" update post with the link to the file.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

So how do I get my copy of this? I helped fund Dungeon World, but I don't see how to get this.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

And I see the post right before mine answered this. Gotta learn to read better...

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

So now that Dungeon World is out, will World of Dungeons be available to the public?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yes, there will be a public version. Hopefully I'll have some time to put it together during the holidays (there are some edits and additions).

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

JOHN!!! please provide a Christmas gift to us fan's ... all I want for Christmas is WORLD OF DUNGEONS!!!

I've been a good boy. I tell everyone LB and Dangerworld are awesome.

Anonymous B.Eidsor says:  

I agree, Please, please, please, please WORLD OF DUNGEONS PUBLIC b4 Xmas!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Happy New Year would be keen if World of Dungeons would be seen! A cheer from all would ring about, World of Dungeons is out. Grab some dice and with dramatic flair tell those monsters to beware.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

where where where is the free bee version

Blogger Michael Langford says:  

Someone asked for travellerworld

Blogger Louis says:  

So how can we get it if we weren't around for the kickstarter?

Blogger John Harper says:  

It's not available yet. In the mean time, check out Streets of Marienburg (which is a Warhammer hack and includes all the rules plus extra stuff).

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Is it out yet?

Blogger GM-Chugosh says:  

Lots of really neat hacks out there!
I have not had so much fun looking at different things since I found Old School Hack.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Seriously what's the hold up on this?? I mean come on were dying for this...

Blogger John Harper says:  

It's here. Guess you missed the announcement. :)

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