Danger! Geomorphs!

Friday, July 08, 2005

I have recently become enamored of geomorph map tiles (like these). I think they will be the perfect solution for the "Build Rocket City" phase of Danger Patrol. The idea is for each player to have a handful of tiles, and everyone takes turns placing them. Once you're done, you have your own little district of Rocket City that will be the backdrop for the next chapter of play.

Of course, there will be monorail tracks.

Now I need to talk to someone [cough]Tony![cough] about doing some map work. Or maybe I'll do them myself in my copious spare time [cough]Tony![cough]. Ahem.

EDIT: Tony made a cool geomorph, which inspired me to make this Rocket City sample sheet (PDF 1.2M). It's not even close to done, but you can see where it's headed. I put two connection points on each side of a tile, to allow for more crazy monorail tracks.

UPDATE: I have been swayed by the notion of larger map tiles. I'm trying out a 5"x5" size now (2 to a page). I like how the larger size will allow for a lot more small detail. Here's Rocket City sample sheet #2 (PDF 905kb) with big tiles.



Blogger Philip says:  

Dude, I totally own those geomorphs.

Blogger John Harper says:  

I know. Next time your back is turned... wham! They're mine.

Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

Man, that's kind of in the family of the galaxy hex-tile map idea I had. I love that stuff.

Does that mean someone can make cool hex tiles for me too? Something that you could print out on cardstock like the Savage Worlds templates?

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

So "pick a card, pick any card.." letting the players choose one and set it down?

To build the map of your groups Rocket City?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yeah, that's the idea.

Maybe you draw five from the pile and then place three and keep two in reserve for special use later. Something like that.

Matt: Yes, I was inspired by your hex-tile idea for Galactic many moons ago. Collaborative creation of the setting has always been a goal for DP, and this seems like one part of it that may work.

Blogger Unknown says:  

This is NO WAY I have time to work on something like this.

I'm going to grab my sketch pad right now.

Funny, I was just looking at my rough drawings for the Rocket City Map yesterday...

Blogger Unknown says:  

OK, I just came back from my sketchpad and all I can say is * CURSE YOU JOHN *

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yes! I knew Faust... I mean, TONY... would come around!

Blogger Unknown says:  

Yeah, you got me. See my proposal for geomorph dimensions, and a sample at:


Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Sounds cool. Although "Ha I see I'm in the Wicker Wood Park, where I played as a child thus you cannot win." is cool to a degree.

Any elements during play that will reward players for their choice/or simply their input?

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yes. Locations are very important to the game system. I'll post more about that element soon.

Blogger Unknown says:  

Dude, your geomorphs blow me away, they really do.

You're totally right. You need lots and lots of monorails.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Phil and I already started playing with these geomorphs last night. He was watching me work on them and I pointed to the one on the left and said, "I think that's Rocket City University" (dorms in the outer towers, classrooms in the big center one). Phil just shook his head, "No, that's one of the Rocket City waste management sub-stations."

Two very different scenes come to mind, depending.

Blogger Joshua BishopRoby says:  

Are you labelling these, or leaving the labelling to the players?

Blogger John Harper says:  

I think I'm going to leave them blank. I'm also going to provide 52 sample location blurbs, so you can just draw a card for a random one if you want.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

I like blank but you might print on the inverse side (if doable with how you print them) or suggest a "sector name" (two words that ban be matched as one wishes)

this way you could draw x cards one for the sector map, one for the sector name.

Like "Atomic" "Forest"
Or "Radiant" "Falls"
or "Mystic" "Burrough"

similar to the original DP character stuff.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Ah Tim... the matching words thing is a great idea! Character creation still works that way, so it's a perfect fit.

Very cool.

Blogger Philip says:  

You know, suddenly it occurs to me that "Danger! Geomorphs!" is what the Talislanta-automaton equivalent of The Robot from Lost In Space cries out, right before the party gets attacked by some kind of nasty stone-like monster - probably something controlled by the Subterranoids.

Blogger John Harper says:  


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