Agon: Beta Test Version

Monday, June 19, 2006

I have a draft of Agon ready for your eyeballs. It's definitely in beta. It's more a collection of mechanics now than a complete game (it's totally lacking the situation creation section, for example). But there's enough there to play with if you want to. Not bad for a few days work.

Agon Beta Rules (817kb PDF, zipped)

My only request is that if you download this and try it out, please post about it in the Forge playtest forum. And even if you don't get to playtest, I'd love to hear your comments about the game here.

Oh yeah. What is it? Agon is a game of ancient Greek heroes on a quest for the gods. You sail from island to island, battling men, monsters, and magical things. All the while, you engage in the agon -- the never-ending conflict among all things to determine what is greatest. The whole thing is about conflict and victory, so the system is pretty gamist supporting. I hope.

UPDATE: Apparently there's an ability missing in the first few pages of the text. Instead, it just says, "???" That missing ability is Presence, a Sport ability. It's described in the ability section.

I'm not totally in love with Presence as the other Sport ability, though. I've also considered Gambling. The other classic Greek sports (boxing, pankration, running, throwing, etc.) don't have a good fit either since they're already covered by other abilities. Any ideas appreciated.



Blogger Bankuei says:  

I like that there's quite a few strategic options over the course of play. I'm also especially digging how the skills link and defend against each other.

You should also print up a "counter" sheet for people to use. It would be much cool if the counters and tracks were sized to fit poker chips for a nice tactile bonus.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Counters = yes. They're already designed, in fact.

But there has to be *some* special stuff in the full pay version, right? :-)

I want to add some "use the scenery" stuff, too (kind of like Iron Heroes). Probably something like improvised weapon dice that you can add to your roll.

Blogger Bankuei says:  

Perhaps the scenery gets counters too, and also can be moved?

"If wall is between you and your opponent, get X bonus die against ranged attacks"

"If wall is directly behind you, you cannot be moved back further" (forcing someone to move the wall first, before moving you).


Very neat. I'm excited.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Moveable scenery. Dude.


That's so cool.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Phil has suggested Hunt as the fourth Sport ability, and I kind of like it.

It would be good for tracking, taming animals, riding, and, of course, gathering food (which will be useful during the Sacrifice phase).

Whaddya think?

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