Agon Sales Update

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

People have been talking about indie game sales again, so here's my data point for the discussion. After the initial GenCon sales spike, Agon sales have settled down into a steady stream. A small creek, maybe. But they're respectable.

October 2006: 28 total
- Books: 12
- PDF: 12
- Retail: 4

November 2006: 47 total
- Books: 21
- PDF: 21
- Retail: 5

Total copies sold so far: 216
Average sales per day since release: 1.9

(edit: a few last-minute november sales added)



Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Solid! And Agon's gotten some "press" on a few threads over on recently. Hopefully that'll make for a small spike!

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

Oh-ah! Also, these are sales numbers based solely on selling through Lulu and your own site, right? No IPR or anything like that... If you ever sign up with them, I'd be interested to see how those numbers change (I know one guy who'd definitely pick up Agon as part of a larger IPR order, but hasn't sought it out solo).

Thanks for sharing the numbers. I should get a SOTC/DRYH numbers update going at some point. Maybe at the beginning of December so I can yap about November's numbers as well.

Blogger John Harper says:  

Yep, these are just Lulu and PDF sales, with no advertising or nuttin'.

I should have Agon up on IPR within the next few weeks, and yeah, I'm very interested to see how it sells there.

Anonymous Anonymous says:  

On IPR in a few weeks? Awesome! That means I can pimp Agon at the same time as I'm encouraging folks to preorder Zorcerer of Zo. Hexcellent.

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