A D&D4 Moment

Monday, September 08, 2008

We're fighting a Red Dragon. Yeah, it's like that. The thing swoops down and hits us all with fear and breathes fire on us and we're in bad trouble. Not to mention all the cultists in the background doing the ritual to unmake the world. Tony's wizard nails the dragon with his magical remote-controlled hand of ice ("I have it by the balls.") and my Warlock drops both his big daily Curses on the thing (action point!) but it doesn't seem to care about our pathetic attempts and turns its full rage on the Fighter and Paladin who are up in its grill.

There's a lot of claw/claw biting going on, and Paul's Fighter is headed for the mead-hall in the sky. Phil's Paladin steps in and does that awesome power where he gets to take the damage instead of his ally, saving the Fighter's bacon. Then Paul does it. He uses the first of his daily powers on the dragon. We hold our breath! The monster is AC 25 and this isn't a sure thing at all.

Natural 20. BOOM. Max damage, PLUS, the Fighter has a Vicious weapon, so Paul gets to pile on some d12s for extra hurt. The dragon bellows and spews blood everywhere. Paul spends his action point and drops his other daily. He's down to 6 HP and knows the dragon will kill him next round, so why not? He's the Fighter. It's not like he's gonna run away. He picks up the die. I look him straight in the eye, "Roll another 20."

Natural 20. Again.

We were hooting and hollering and high-fiving all around. It was like we just scored the overtime winner in the playoffs.

And yes, we killed the dragon. Paul's Fighter even survived (no one could believe it). Whew! What a night.



Blogger Matt Wilson says:  

I'm still overwhelmed by how much i'm loving this new D&D.

We're not up to dragons yet, but we had a cool fight in a torture chamber on Thurs.

"I use my encounter power to shift the hobgoblin into the fire pit."

"Okay, on his turn, he shifts out."

"I bull rush him back in."

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